consumer fees schedule

Effective May 1, 2023 (Subject to Change)

One of the many benefits of joining United Federal Credit Union is taking advantage of low- or no-cost services and though all fees cannot be eliminated, we always have you in mind. We’re Members too.

Please take a look below at our most up-to-date fee schedule and contact a Member Service Advisor with any questions at (888) 982-1400.

Download Consumer Fee Schedule (updated 5/2023)


Membership Savings Account

No monthly service charge with $300 minimum daily balance or when you have other account relationships with the credit union. Holiday Club, IRA Money Market, Achiever Savings and other Membership Savings accounts are not recognized as another account relationship.

$3.00/month if none of the above criteria are met.

Platinum Plus Checking

No monthly service charge with $1,000 minimum daily balance, an active consumer or mortgage loan or $5,000 in combined balances of any savings, checking or money market accounts.

$10.00/month if none of the above criteria are met.


No monthly service charge when the Tax Reported Owner* is also the Tax Reported Owner* of an open and active Ultra Checking, Rewards Checking or Platinum Plus Checking account or an owner is under the age of 26.

$5.00/month if none of the above criteria are met.

Checking Services

Stop Payment (any type) $30.00
Check Copies - Staff Assisted $5.00
Returned Deposit Items $15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Items (any type) No fee
Courtesy Pay Fee $20.00
Overdraft Protection - Savings or Line of Credit Transfer No fee

Convenience Services

Corporate Check

Charged when payable to a 3rd party
Skip-a-Payment $40.00/loan
Counter Checks (per page minimum 4 checks) $0.75

Account Closing (within first 90 days)

Does not apply to Youth Savings accounts

Property Tax Savings Excessive Withdrawal

For withdrawals in excess of 4 per month

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer


Outgoing International Wire Transfer


Incoming Wire Transfer (domestic and international)


Debit and Credit Card Services

ATM Overdraft $20.00
Activity at non-United ATMs (Foreign surcharge may apply)

More than 5 per month


ATM Balance Inquiry

Rush Card Order




at cost
Visa Late Payment Fee (first occurrence) $29.00

Subsequent Occurrences Within 6 Months


Visa Returned Payment Fee


International Service Assessment (Debit Only)


Zelle Stop Payment


Other Services

Receipt of Tax Levy/Garnishment

Research Services (1 hour minimum) $25.00/hr
ACH or Other Returned Items No fee
Returned Mail $10.00
Verification of Funds $25.00
United Originated ACH Transaction

One-Time Transfer Fee


Loan Modification Fee

(non-real estate loans only)

Escheatment Fee

per account
Account Inactivity Fee $7.00
Overnight Letter (UPS Actual Cost) $26.00 minimum

Subpoena/Search Warrant Response (1 hour minimum)

Returned Loan Payment Fee $25.00

Bill Pay

Expedited Payment - Electronic

Expedited Payment - Overnight Check $24.95
Stop Payment Bill Pay $30.00
Returned Bill Pay Item $20.00 (per attempt)

Safe Deposit Boxes

(sizes and availability may vary by branch)
Lock Drilling/ Lost Key $200.00
Safe Deposit Box Options